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Faizabad At Your Fingertips

Rising Faizabad is to move you beyond the boundaries of conventional methods for rising of a city. Rising Faizabad is to elevate the future of the twin cities Faizabad and Ayodhya. The first initiative for the elevation process is to make information available & accessible easily.

Culturally we know Faizabad and Ayodhya as two cities on the bank of holy river saryu. One, Faizabad is known for the first capital of Awadh and the other, Adyohya holds a world fame as the birth place of Lord Rama. But as we have stepped forward, we have left our cultural heritage behind. The well known and renowned history of these cities is now vanishing and drowning under the sea of advancement. But now advancement is providing this heritage a real new and strong base which will reveal both Faizabad nad Ayodhya to whole of the world.

On this note, Rising Faizabad has taken a phenomenal initiative to make and maintain this base. Through this base we are now exposing the cities to the whole world. Rising Faizabad's aim is to make these cities accessible and discoverable from any part of the globe.

As a brief description through this website one can get every possible details of Ayodhya or Faizabad district. As a short list there history, tradition, culture, life style and various other informations. We have tried our best efforts to satisfy one's desire of information about the cities. We hope that no one is going to return from here without their required information about the cities.

Rising Faizabad has taken its initiative step and now its your turn to make this step a long walk. So do visit often and ask your friends and relatives to do the same. And above all dont forgot to provide us your valuable views by signing the guestbook or providing your feedback.

If there is a major event happening in Faizabad, you would join if..
It is a cultural & entertainment night.
It is a tech & educational fest.
Opening Of a mall and PVR.
It is trade Fair.
It is a talent hunt.
I would not join.
Some Other Reason (Please mention in comments)

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